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As a kid I remember waking up on weekends and flipping the channel straight to HGTV. I would watch Property Brothers where one brother would find the couple beautiful homes that checked all their boxes. The other brother would remodel the home to fit their needs. Watching the couple decide what would be the best was always my favorite part. Would they choose the home closer to work? Would they choose the home that had the bigger yard for their kids? Or would they stay in the home they raised their family because now it's more functional? Since then I always knew I wanted to be a real estate broker. So when I was 15 and my family decided to move from Colorado to New Mexico, it only made sense for me to spend hours on Zillow and Realtor showing my mom all the houses and making lists of my favorite ones. Did I know what I was doing? Absolutely not. Did that make you laugh? Great, that was my intention so you could get to know my personality a little better. Now as a licensed broker I feel confident that I can relate to how people search for homes online using these apps.

After graduating high school in 2021 and college in 2023 with my Associate in Business Administration, I decided now was the time to start tackling my childhood dreams of being a real estate broker. I am excited to finally say I did it! I get to learn even more about what it means to be a real estate broker and answering any questions that may arise. I invite you to be a part of my journey by contacting me so I can help you buy your first home, forever home, or anything in between. I am dedicated to making your home buying experience as easy as possible and helping you find a home that checks all your boxes. 

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